Friday, December 11, 2009

juz a simple story in eng(stil in trying process) HAHA

he enter my life
he brings smile 2 me
for every morning and every night
we dont know each other
im totally forget bout u
i juz need a few month to forget about u
after 1 month
i juz found that u have another gurl
she's look better than me
i know she love u
n u do love her
and i think that i MUST forget about u

few months later
u just broke up with that gurl
what a big joke

on 19 oct
'hey..hapy busday'
1 msj after 9 month from u
i tot u already forget about me

then i started msj u again
day by day
eventhg u didnt rep it
n i start to talk to my self
what wrong with him
i tot he want to be fren with me
i dont want more
n i dont know why u do that to me

how stpd i m
nvr mind mar
allah always be with u


result-die-pesan emak

first of all
alhamdulillah result ok..better than be4 n the most importnt thng lulus sume

nape xrep msj aku?
byk kali kowt aku msj
if u didnt mean it
dont start it okay
im totally forget bout u
n u start it back
then u just leave like that?
babi tul

next sem target
xnk mengharap lbh
juz hope 2 get better result

go mar
go for ur life

mak kate
klu nak bejaye
kte kne pndg remeh pd bnde2 y kecik n remeh
thanks ummi
its help me a lot
luv u