Wednesday, April 7, 2010

i dont know

sometimes we thought that we had do the best

but we dont

we expect something good

but we failed

sometimes wo thought that she was a good person

be she dont

sometimes wo do something for others satisfaction

but they dont

i just want to be nice

but they blame me

i dont know what they thinking

i dont know how to tell them

i dont know how to ask them

i dont know why they act like that

i dont know why she hates me soo much

life is full with lot of unexpected things

unexpected fren

baru tadi ade baca blog membe

die tulis in english


that was a big surprise for me

she is a different person that i know before

she learn a lot of new things that i never experience

how can she change like that

while i'm still the same person


i NEED to do something

i dont want to be left behind

for those people who always thinking about others matter

please stop it *u must!

just go on with your own life

life is too short

so just make it simple and enjoy it while u still can